The Millionaires' Holiday Club

We are proud to announce a new documentary, The Millionaires' Holiday Club; a 'behind the scenes' look at the world of luxury travel. Giving you an insight into to the passion, enthusiasm and hard work that goes into making every client's holiday the best it can be, you'll be entertained and inspired as you are whisked away to destinations from Barbados to Bangkok! And the tour operator starring in this new show? ITC Luxury Travel!

Since September 2015, a film crew have been following CEO Jennifer Atkinson and selected ITC Luxury Travel team members, along with the true stars; some of our esteemed clients. They have very graciously let the cameras intrude on their precious holiday time, letting you get an insider's view on all that a luxury holiday can be!

"I'm thrilled with The Millionaires' Holiday Club. I feel it really captures the essence of our business, the service we provide and the holidays we take our wonderful clients on. It also says a lot about why holidaying is so important in our fast-paced modern world - a sentiment that is very close to my heart!"

Jennifer Atkinson CEO


BBC/Plum Pictures/Ryan McNamara