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This weekend the Telegraph Magazine featured a fantastic article on Four of the Best Caribbean Family-run Hotels.

We were thrilled to see two of our favourite Caribbean resorts in the mix, including Antigua’s Curtain Bluff, where “guests are cherished like friends”, and Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada, run by Sir Royston Hopkin.

Francesca Syz writes: “One of the loveliest places to stay is Spice Island Beach Resort, run by Sir Royston Hopkin, the only Caribbean hotelier ever to be knighted, his wife Betty, and their children, Janelle, Ryan and Nerissa. It was taken over by the family with a group of investors in 1969, before they became the sole owners in 1987. On the golden two-mile sweep of Grand Anse beach, the 64-suite low-rise resort feels indulgent without being pretentious, and the sense of family is integral to the experience.”

You can read the article online here. 

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