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Beach BBQs, ocean sunsets and a trip to Stingray City: Antigua and Peter Island make a big impression on Rory Bremner, on his visit to the Caribbean islands in a pit-stop tour with ITC Luxury Travel. Here's a snippet of his review:

Our mission: to compare and contrast two holiday experiences, Antigua and Peter Island. One, a popular and much-loved destination with cricket-lovers and yachtsmen alike; the other, an exclusive private island lying between the British Virgin Islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Well, somebody had to do it.
Our only restriction was time: we had just seven nights in which to complete our enviable task. Hence my first piece of advice: take longer. Rory Bremner

ITC Luxury Travel offer a package price from £3,299 per person including 4 nights at Peter Island, 3 nights at Curtain Bluff, 3 nights at The Inn at English Harbour.

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