Six-figure luxury travel breaks ‘double’

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A holiday worth more than £100,000 may seem like a right reserved for just a handful of travellers, but according to The Sunday Times’ Susan d’Arcy, there has been a surge in these luxurious breaks. In Sunday’s travel section of the paper, Susan explored the “rise of the £100,000 holiday”, with ITC luxury hotspot, Sandy Lane, picked out as one of the best to experience.

“The age of austerity is not for everyone, it seems,” says Susan. “British tour operators are reporting that the number of people booking holidays that cost £100,000 or more has doubled in the past year. Economic confidence is, apparently, back among the really-quite-rich. Or they’ve just given up pretending they need to keep their purse strings tight like the rest of us.”

We were delighted to discover that Susan’s article highlighted how people booking these high-end holidays wanted more of an experience – something unique, which made their time spent away bespoke – just the kind of travel which ITC specialises in.

Sandy Lane with ITC was picked as ‘the £290,000 Caribbean Jaunt’ in the article – a week in Barbados followed by three-nights cruising the Grenadines in a yacht. Particularly special elements of the holiday arranged by ITC included: beach attendants cleaning the guests’ sunglasses and misting their faces with chilled Evian, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre being closed to the public for three hours for a personal shopping experience, two hot tubs on the super-yacht and fast-track to first class at the airports.

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