Why choose a villa with ITC Luxury Travel?


If you’ve never been on a villa holiday before, you must consider making it your travel resolution for 2015.

More globetrotters than ever before are discovering that renting a villa allows you to have a truly relaxed and hassle-free holiday. Why? Because villas combine all the best parts of your favourite holiday, and once you’ve tried it, going back to hotels just won't be an option! 

Our villa portfolio appeals to many people, including those who prefer the privacy and seclusion that a villa holiday can provide. In addition they can prove to be a more cost effective alternative to a hotel for families and groups of friends wanting to travel together. We have selected a variety of villas which cater for a variety of budgets, depending on the number of guests in your party.

In addition you can choose the level of freedom and support you require for your villa holiday. This can vary from having staff such as a cook, laundress and maid, to additional services such as private chefs and nannies. Just because you’re in a villa, it doesn't mean you have to do the cooking and cleaning!

Having visited a large majority of the properties we feature, we believe we can find the perfect villa holiday for you. Whether you require a small and intimate property for your family or a fully staffed mansion, with a butler, chef and housekeeper, we will work closely with you to ensure we find the right villa for you.

I have had the pleasure of visiting over 200 villas and staying in some of the most wonderful locations around the world. Selling villa holidays is still something I love - after all, who wouldn’t want to stay in a fabulous house with a private pool whilst being waited on hand and foot! 

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