Family holidays: parents need to ‘shop clever’


You may have seen in the news that a disgruntled parent has had an astonishing response to his Facebook ‘rant’ over holiday prices in school holidays.

After posting a message on his Facebook page, Paul Cookson’s opinion went ‘viral’, and it is reported that more than 143,000 people have shared his message so far, with an online petition gaining much support.

As an independent family run travel business we are very aware of the difficulties parents face finding value for money luxury holidays out of term time. We also employ dozens of parents so Mr Cookson’s plight is not lost on us.

So if you’re struggling to find those holiday savings for your family, read the advice of our Sales Manager Sarah Morgan:

“As a parent myself (and married to a teacher), I can genuinely sympathise with parents who feel frustrated by the ‘price hikes’ in school holidays. However, with my expertise in travel I’m also uniquely positioned to know all the tricks around this!

“My top tip would be…book early. As soon as you get those holiday dates from your school, get booking your hols…it will save you hundreds in the long run. The other thing to remember is that just like other businesses, travel has a January Sale. So it’s well worth seeing if you can get any last minute bargains before February.

“I’d also say ‘shop clever’. Flight prices may well be above normal in the school holidays, but many resorts offer added extras that can help you save elsewhere. For example, free meals for under 12’s, kids stay free or complimentary clubs and activities.

“Finally, as a full time working mum of two boys I know only too well that your time off together is very precious. I suggest that if you want to make the most of this time you organise your holidays through a Travel Specialist like the ones we have here at ITC. They’ll ensure they find you the best price and include all those little extras that will make your family time all the more special.”

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