ITC Splash and Dash for Claire House

Image for Jennifer Atkinson Jennifer Atkinson

On Saturday 28th September several members of the ITC Classics team entered and completed the Claire House Splash Dash 5 Kilometre fun run. The 5 gruelling kilometres snaked through the sun drenched surroundings of Liverpool’s Sefton Park and was attended by a great group of Charity runners including ITC’s intrepid contestants.

ITC Classics Splash Dash Chaity RunAll the runners began the race wearing pristine and clean white T-shirts before embarking on the course. During the course’s twists and turns contestants were pelted with powdered paint in many different colours, from bright blue and green to vivid red, pink and yellow. The ITC entrants all managed to complete the course covered in the colours of the rainbow as the pictures on this page demonstrate.

ITC Classics Splash Dash Chaity Run

Between them the ITC team raised over a thousand pounds for the Claire House charity and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves though many are walking with aches and pains today!

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