Top 10 Christmas Breaks - Part 2


To complete a perfect 10 of Christmas Breaks we have put together the final 5 following on from last week's blog Top 10 Christmas Breaks - Part 1.

Inspiring ideas we've shared so far include the Christmas Markets of Europe, Caribbean Beaches, Skiing Holidays, New York and The Ashes in Australia. Below are further ideas on how to enjoy a wonderful Christmas break.

1. Touring Holidays of Asia

Touring Holidays of Asia Touring holidays through the historical countries of Asia offer a varied and alternative holiday experience and the Christmas holiday season is the ideal time of year to experience the beauty and culture of destinations including Bali, Cambodia, India and Vietnam.

ITC Luxury Travel have years of experience and expertise, so we can provide you with that ‘holiday to remember experience’, enabling you to enjoy the destinations’ cultures, sights and traditions on your bespoke tour.

For those interested in new cultures and traditions you will find in Asia mystical lands, history, unique architecture and traditional markets running hand in hand with luxury hotels, breathtaking views and beautiful golden beaches.

2. Luxury Caribbean CruisesCaribbean Cruise

The Caribbean is the ultimate destination for a luxury cruise and so is the most popular destination to experience the wonders a cruise provides. The Christmas holiday season is also an ideal time of year to embark on a Caribbean cruise as the weather is at its warm relaxing best.
ITC Classics offers luxury cruises on some of the world’s most stylish and well furnished vessels including Silversea, Seadream and Seabourn which all boast fantastic accommodation and a high level of attention to the details that make a real difference.

The advantage of taking a Caribbean cruise is you are able to visit several islands in the space of a week or two thus allowing you to experience the varied cultures and vistas of a number of Caribbean islands.

3. South African Safari

South African Safari A lifelong dream for many, a South African safari can be a remote escape in a bush camp or a luxurious hotel stay and the range of experiences will suit all tastes. Using our expertise and knowledge we can provide you with a Christmas safari holiday tailored to your requirements.

December to February sees the South African countryside at its most lush and the warm and inviting climate make it a popular with European travellers. And with over 600 parks and reserves to choose from you can join a bespoke ITC Luxury Travel tour that includes the best safaris available in luxurious surroundings.

4. Northern Lights

Touring Holidays of Asia Otherwise known as Aurora Borealis, this is one holiday experience not to be missed, as it’s one of the natural wonders of the world - a mysterious, multi-coloured show in which the night sky is suddenly lit up with a wondrous glow.

Fly to Iceland on an ITC Luxury Travel tour during the festive season to experience the Northern Lights during its optimum period from late September to early April. 9pm-2am is recognised as the best time to view this breathtaking spectacle so just imagine dining and watching one of the most awe inspiring views on earth!

There are many thrills to a Christmas holiday in Iceland including dramatic, sparkling white landscapes and romantic hotels and restaurants and on an ITC Luxury Travel tour we will tailor your holiday exactly to your needs.

5. Orient Express Luxury Rail Journey Touring Holidays of Asia

ITC Luxury Travel provide holidays steeped in history and the Orient Express is just one of those historical journeys dripping in old world romance and mystery as to experience a luxury holiday by train is to enjoy a unique adventure.

An Orient-Express Rail Journey over New Year’s Eve includes the enchanting destinations of Singapore and Thailand, via Malaysia, culminating in a celebratory dinner on board and party on the beach – what a nostalgic and luxurious way to see out the old year and bring in the new!

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