Halloween at ITC

Image for Olga Fahey Olga Fahey
Head of Operations

Well it would have been impossible to walk into our offices today without realising that today is All Hallows Eve otherwise known as Halloween! As we always do at ITC everyone has really got into the spirit of the day - there is a character from Scream creating luxury holiday quotes an axe wielding murderer sourcing the best added holiday extras and a multitude of scary witches wandering the corridors!

halloween at ITC Classics

The history of the tradition of dressing up in costume for Halloween has both European and Celtic roots. In older times it was believed that Halloween was a time when ghosts came back to the earthly world to terrorise and scare.

halloween at ITC Classics

People back then thought they would encounter ghosts if they left their home and went out into the streets. So in an effort to avoid being recognised by the marauding ghosts they would dress up in ghostly costumes when they left their homes in the dark in the hope that if the wandering ghosts came upon them they would mistake them for fellow spirits and leave them alone!

As always there is a competitive element to our day of dressing up and costumes. There will be a prize for the best dressed and most original plus forfeits for those whose costumes lack the required effort or those miserable souls that walked through the doors this morning without any hint of a witch’s hat or a glimpse of fake blood!

halloween at ITC Classics

Other charity raising activities will take place this Halloween and will include the sale of some devilish cakes baked in the depths of hell by our wild and wicked witches and pirates. All those brave enough to exchange their coins for an otherworldly sweet treat will be donating towards the ITC chosen charities.

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