Indian Ocean and The Caribbean Honeymoons

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Why Honeymoon in the Indian Ocean and The Caribbean?


seychelles honeymoons

The Seychelles is made up of over a hundred islands scattered in random perfection throughout the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and as the locals say it’s ‘a thousand miles from anywhere’. The islands boast spectacular coral reefs, verdant hillsides festooned with coconut and of course the jewel in the crown long and beautiful powdery white sands perfect for a for relaxing honeymoon escape.


Mauritius honeymoons

Sometimes cited as a blueprint for paradise itself, Mauritius is the perfect tropical island. As Mark Twain wrote: “Mauritius was made first - and then heaven.” In the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, 600 miles east of Madagascar, this tiny island boasts perfect tree-lined, white-sand beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. In the interior, waterfalls, rainforest, and dramatic mountains fringe a central volcanic plateau.

Mauritius creates unforgettable honeymoon holidays; no matter which resort you choose you will always find high levels of service, amazing facilities, superb restaurants, award winning golf courses, and of course the island of Mauritius itself is just waiting for you to explore its many nature reserves, magnificent beaches and diverse culture.


Maldives honeymoons

This ultimate example of a tropical nirvana the Maldives is made up of over a thousand coral atolls which sit amongst the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Only 200 of the 1190 islands are inhabited and many are home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts. For a sensational and truly unforgettable honeymoon experience, try an island excursion or a romantic dinner on a sandbank.

St Lucia

St Lucia honeymoons

This island jewel in the Caribbean Sea is a heady mix of intoxicating tropical interiors and sand beaches, added to which you have one of the most spectacular natural sights on earth - the twin peaks of the Pitons. Once you have visited St Lucia, you will realise why UNESCO has listed this area as a World Heritage Site.


Antigua honeymoons

The welcome here is as warm as the sunshine and with its beautiful reefs, 365 palm-fringed beaches, protected bays and safe harbours the peaceful island of Antigua is an ideal destination for your special honeymoon escape. The island is recognised for its culture and charm and is a popular destination amongst the yachting fraternity.


Jamaica honeymoons

There’s a widely held misconception that going on holiday to Jamaica is all about large-scale all-inclusive properties, many of them with an American disposition and a tendency to a slightly mass-market feel.  

That feeling has sometimes led people to shy away from this, the original ‘island in the sun’, in favour of other Caribbean destinations but with beautiful landscapes, musical and popular culture in abundance and enticing cuisine topped off by that distinctive smell and taste of Blue Mountain coffee, Jamaica is well worth a second glance.


Barbados honeymoons

Barbados is the Caribbean island to see and to be seen and is favourite destination of the rich and famous. Bursting with culture the island takes life at its own laid back pace and the locals are famous for their relaxed and easy going nature. It’s a place of refined luxury, fine cuisine and the best luxury hotels - in many ways making it an enchanting destination for couples looking for romance.

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