Sail Away

Image for Olga Fahey Olga Fahey
Head of Operations

I have often heard the saying ‘Living the dream’ and only a couple of weeks ago I certainly was, as I had the privilege of spending 3 nights on Ecce Navigo a traditionally styled 34 metre sailing ketch.

Ecce Navigo is Latin for ‘Here I sail’ and so we did. We took a voyage of discovery along Turkey’s dramatic Lycian Coast, experiencing the picturesque harbor towns of Gocek, Marmaris and Fethiye.

From the time I stepped on board until I had to leave, I indulged in barefoot luxury, enjoying world-class facilities, service and cuisine. The onboard crew of 6 were to hand for your every need, certainly not intrusive, there but not there - a huge accomplishment out on the ocean waves!

The Executive Chef, Mahmet created and produced food in a class of its own, healthy delicious dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner. What was even more amazing was the size of the galley he worked in, it was so small it makes his talents even more extraordinary.

I hadn’t envisaged this cruise for a family holiday but I soon realised I was wrong, it’s a great option and children who are cared for by the qualified and fun childminder, while parents can relax and be spoiled in the glorious sunshine. It’s a great option for anyone active and I was also surprised to discover that there really is plenty to keep everyone occupied, snorkelling, skiing, canoeing and hiking as well as just lounging around enjoying the peace and tranquility of deserted bays.

This 10 berth schooner was a new an exciting way to holiday, diving from the deck into the crystal blue waters, kayaking around the peaceful bays, doing yoga under the clear blue cloudless sky with a gentle sea breeze keeping you cool. There are also a couple of itineraries you can choose from – Journey North from Gocek and return, experiencing the picturesque harbour towns of Gocek, Marmaris and Fethiye or Journey South from Gocek and return, taking you to the ancient cities of Letoon, Patara and Xantos, then onto Kekova, whichever one you choose you’ll find they just add to the whole ‘Living the dream’ experience.

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