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If sparkling turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches and over-water bungalows rock your boat (albeit very gently), then NIYAMA in the Maldives is the perfect spot to kick back and relax. My experience was magical, with arrival into Malé very efficient; before we knew it we had been checked in for our seaplane flight and were relaxing in the exclusive Niyama lounge, which offers lovely showers and a great selection of food and drink in very comfortable surroundings!

My first experience of a seaplane and wow - I'll recommend it! The views as you climb above the waters are astounding. So many sandbanks, islands, yachts and clear waters just below your feet - I think I was transfixed by the views for the full 40 minutes to NIYAMA!

When we came to land and taxied along the sea we could see the staff members lined up to greet us on the jetty. I felt like a rock star as we stepped out of the plane, cold towels in hand and a refreshing welcome cocktail, no need for shoes anymore we were in paradise!

Woken up by sunlight fairly early, it seemed like I had experienced the best night sleep ever, the bed and the pillows made me feel like I was wrapped in a fluffy cloud! After the indulgences of dinner the previous night at Tribal restaurant (a traditional African restaurant where you'll find fire pits and a live kitchen) I headed to PUMP the gym, its selection of equipment was impressive. But if you fancy something a little more relaxing there are regular yoga and plenty of other classes on offer - so there is no excuse to miss out!

I enjoyed breakfast in Epicure the main restaurant of the hotel; it offered a great selection from sashimi to cooked breakfast. Then I was treated to a trip to a deserted island with the marine biologist from FLOAT (the water adventures department) and we snorkelled along the coral glimpsing needle fish, clown fish and numerous other enchanting species in the clear waters. When we came out of the sea and were greeted with a lovely picnic arranged for us, a choice of sushi or salads on offer - we needed it after snorkelling!

The last night at NIYAMA brought us to dinner in Edge - the free standing restaurant a 5 minute boat ride away from the resort. This fine dining seafood journey was exquisite, the restaurant makes you feel like you are floating on the sea and the water below the decking is illuminated - so you can see the sea life at night. Beneath the twinkling stars where every constellation is visible a flash through the sky happened as a shooting star exploded above us, right that moment I couldn't have thought of anywhere else in the world I wanted to be - everything was just perfect!

Located below Edge is NIYAMA's nightclub SUBSIX, which is a fantastic area and already been frequented by well known DJ's and singers, of course it would be rude not to have a drink there before heading back to the resort!

I've just found out that as part of their Dream Calendar they are offering personal tuition with the experts from The DJ Dispensary. The DJ Dispensary Retreat will be from 11 to 19 April for 7-day and 3-day classes. So not only can guests feel like rockstars they may even become one after this tuition!

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