Placing Bets For A White Easter


As snowstorms hit the UK once again this week, a flurry of predictions (if you'll pardon the pun!) for a "White Easter" have been reported in the press.

But as we know, not all predictions come true, so for those of you who want to guarantee plenty of powder soft snow, we now feature an exciting Ski portfolio where you'll discover the most luxurious chalets and ski hotels, all located in the most exclusive ski resorts of Europe.  

For those of you at the opposite end of the spectrum who want to escape the predicted cold chills with warm weather guaranteed, we can recommend several destinations ranging from Egypt to Antigua and Dubai to Barbados - something for all tastes.  With prices starting at £2,599 per person staying for a week at Blue Waters in Antigua, there's also great value to be had.  For more information on Easter Availability visit our website.

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