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British Airways have announced they are rolling out hand baggage only fares for London Gatwick on some shorthaul flights; this is great news and means they can now compete with many low cost carriers.

You'll still be able to choose your seats online 24 hours prior to travel, complimentary food and drink will still be provided and customers choosing hand baggage only fares can continue to take hand luggage, a maximum case size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and either a laptop bag or handbag. Children receive the same amount of hand luggage as adults and families can also take buggies to the aircraft side, bring on a child seat and enjoy free seat allocation three days prior to travel.

I've checked a few flights and can honestly say they are coming out cheaper; one thing to note is that if you're a Gold or Silver Card holder and you purchase these Hand Baggage only fares but the zero luggage allowance will apply to you too. However, I'm personally pleased to see British Airways going head to head with low cost carriers - it's a great way to get a quality flight at a lower price.

Catherine Winstanley
Aviation Manager

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