Baby Goes Too

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I love Barbados, it’s a stunning island and it’s a very special destination for International Travel Connections; not only is it the place where our business was launched almost 40 years ago but we have an office on the island and feature all of its best properties. So I know the island well, and knew it would be perfect for a family holiday with my husband and seven month old son Billy.

We’ve travelled as a family before but only as far as Europe, so this time I thought that going on a long haul journey would be slightly more of a challenge. I needn’t have worried though, all it needed was a little careful planning, so my advice is don’t be intimidated by long-haul flights with young children. As long as the destination you are visiting is safe and you have spoken to your doctor to make sure that no vaccines are required and the destination is suitable, long haul is just as practical as short haul when travelling with a little one.

The first potential challenge is the airport but if you aim to board last you can enjoy the time you have in the airport, which is filled with distractions, and then a tired baby or young child will normally settle and sleep better. Billy certainly did, tucked away in his bassinet seat, leaving us to relax. One great advantage to note is that you only pay 10% of an adult fare and the tax for a baby’s flight, so another great reason for long haul travel with children under two.

Billy has taken to travelling incredibly well so far – perhaps it’s in the blood! Of course I’m relatively new to travelling with a youngster but I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many seasoned travellers who are also parents and their expert advice has certainly helped me. I have to admit being daunted initially at the thought of travelling such a long way with such a young child but I was reassured by my friends and colleagues and I’m so glad that we made this trip.

I now know what to expect and, apart from the first night where Billy was slightly unsettled by the time difference, everything else was perfect. We had a fabulous time and have all returned refreshed and revitalised. So overall my advice to anyone looking to travel long haul with young children is to seek expert advice on where you stay and how to get there – and then just go!

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