Detox Delight

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If like me, you work reasonably hard to live a healthy lifestyle including eating the right foods, limiting alcohol, exercising regularly and minimising stress levels by striking a good balance between work and leisure, you may be surprised to hear that a period of detoxification is still recommended by health experts to optimise the functions of your primary organs and achieve excellent health.

For those not familiar with detoxification, put simply it is the process of elimination of poisonous substances from the body, that can cause illness if left to build up. The bad news, it's almost impossible to avoid toxins in the first place, as they are increasingly found in the food and drink we consume, in the air we breathe and within the chemicals in our environment. Although our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins naturally, with the lifestyles and quick fixes we've adopted for modern day living, more often than not a little extra help is needed - that's when a good detox programme at one of our featured and reputable wellbeing retreats can make all the difference to how you feel and you're overall wellbeing.

My personal experience after detox is of feeling less bloated, noticing that my skin looks fresher and that I have so much more energy and vitality. Scientists report that a period of detoxification can give your body a fresh start and even banish some health niggles including reducing stress, eliminating headaches and curing insomnia not to mention aiding weight loss. A word of advise though there are programmes with varying degrees of severity, some just cutting out targeted food and drink whilst others are more strict for example adopting a fresh juice only diet. However, whether you're a first timer or regular "detoxer" with the reputable retreats featured within our programme your detox journey will always commence with a wellness consultation with a fully qualified expert to establish your goals and design a programme tailored to you and your current wellbeing.

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