The Beautiful Seychelles

Image for Sarah Rayner Sarah Rayner
Travel Specialist

A must-see, must-do destination, the Seychelles never strays from the travel radar. And having recently returned from a trip, it's my pleasure to share my experiences.

From the moment I arrived at Manchester airport I was greeted by friendly Etihad staff and after a quick check in we were whisked through immigration and sent straight to the lounge. After several glasses of champagne we boarded the flight where we enjoyed a very comfortable journey in the Coral Economy Class. The connecting flight at Abu Dhabi was very straight forward with minimal waiting, 4 hours later we arrived in the beautiful Seychelles.

I visited 10 hotels in total and was lucky to enough to stay in three, these included Saint Anne Resort and Spa, Raffles and Denis Island. To my surprise I was pleased to see that each hotel was unique in every way and had their own style to cater for all tastes. Whether it be an exclusive beach resort like Maia or a family friendly hotel that offers an array of activities for the kids like the Four Seasons, and if you are looking for glamour, then Raffles is the place to be and be seen, with a stunning infinity pool looking over the beach. The Seychelles really is the perfect luxury destination, it has it all and delivers everything you could possibly wish for.  

My main experience from visiting the Seychelles was the beauty of each island - it really is is like stepping into paradise when you dip your toes in the crystal clear water and lie on the white sand beaches. The relaxed nature of the local people made the trip all the more special and the fantastic tour representative Mason's travel are there to make sure you make the most of these amazing islands and resorts. When arriving at each hotel a cold fresh towel is given to each guest with a cold iced tea, this is the perfect way to start your holiday and is just the beginning of a truly unforgettable experience.

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