Proof That Holidays Are Good For You

Image for Jennifer Atkinson Jennifer Atkinson

This weekend Adrian Bridge wrote an enlightening article in the Saturday Telegraph entitled 'Holidays are good for you - that's official'. His article was based on the findings of a recent study, the findings of which told us what I've always felt was true - that a holiday will make you healthier!

In his article, Adrian Bridge said that in people who took a holiday 'blood pressure fell on average by 6 percent, sleep quality improved by 17 percent and resilience to stress improved by 29 percent.'

However, even more shocking were the statistics he quoted for people who didn't have a holiday, stating that they were recorded as having 'on average a 2 percent increase in blood pressure, 14 percent deterioration in sleep quality and a 71 percent ability to cope with stress.'

He also mentioned that if you're not on the right holiday for you it can prove stressful, which is where using a tour operator like ITC Classics comes into its own, as our knowledgeable Travel Specialists will discuss every detail with you to make sure the holiday is exactly what you want and will love.

The final nugget of informative information was that the study had found that you don't have to be on a fly and flop holiday to benefit and come back relaxed and refreshed; the most relaxed holidaymakers were actually on a tour of Thailand, so once again it seems that it's time away from the daily routine that counts.

With evidence like that I have to agree with the finding of this study and advise that because taking a holiday is good for your health, don't delay in booking yours!

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