A Revolution In Flight Seating Plans

Image for Jennifer Atkinson Jennifer Atkinson

Virgin Atlantic have just announced the arrival of their new initiative and personally I think it's amazing, it's called 'Seat Plus' and it will allow customers flying in Economy to buy a little extra room by free up the seat next to them.

You'll also be able to book Seat Plus for every person you are travelling with and members of your group can even split the cost of the seat next to them and guarantee the whole row to relax in. If you're travelling on your own it's a great way to be able to stretch out throughout the flight with more space and of course it you're travelling with someone special Seat Plus it means three is never a crowd. But of course it's when you're travelling with children that this extra seat will really come into its own, allowing easier nap times and it's going to mean there is somewhere to store their toys and make every journey a little less stressful.

Seat Plus is available to book up to 72 hours before a flight, and prices start from just £99. Our Travel Specialists know all about it so please just give them a call if you would like to know more.

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