A Bootcamp With A View

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For fitness fanatics who don't want to rough it, what better location than the Maldives and where better to indulge in some barefoot luxury after you've been put thought your paces on a bootcamp, than at NIYAMA.

The 10 day Muay Thai bootcamp is going to run from 9 - 18 March 2013 and will be taken by Saiful Merican, who is the World Muay Thai Association's (WMA) world number one 57kg featherweight champion.

Saiful along with owner and trainer of Merican Muay Thai, Dzianti Merican will be conducting the 10-day, one-on-one and group session bootcamp at Active.  Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that originates from Thailand and uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques and is known as the 'art of eight weapons' because of its characteristic combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. The best part is you lose 1,500 calories at every one hour intensive workout!

Dzianti Merican has been training Muay Thai for eleven years and has put together a 10-day Fighter's Diet that will be available daily at Epicure for breakfast. To stay lean and toned, Dzianti recommends half boiled eggs, wholemeal toast, fruit smoothies with low fat milk and oats.

There are Bootcamps and then there is one taking place this March at NIYAMA, the latest sensational resort from PerAQUUM, its location in the Maldives is sure to inspire anyone into getting fit and along with returning from 10 nights in paradise healthier and more relaxed you'll receive the information you need to help you stay that way!

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