Nevis: Caribbean Revisited

Helen Tabois
Product & Marketing Manager

Nevis is something of a throwback to the Caribbean of yesteryear.  It's an island where time, if not quite standing still, has crept forwards only gradually.  The irony is that the faster our modern lives move, the more we yearn for the "good old days" and a simpler lifestyle.  Holidays are one way that we can achieve the idyll and hit the pause button on the remote control of our lives, if only for a week or two.

One of the beauties of holidaying "Nevisian-style" is that this isn't back to basics without comforts.  So you'll find air-conditioning in hotel rooms but might choose to cool yourself naturally with the breeze through opening the shutters.  Some of the best hotels on the island eschew in-room televisions but have complimentary Wi-Fi so you can keep in touch if you really must - or watch a big game or film on communal TV.  And you can hire modern, air-conditioned cars to drive on mostly well-maintained roads but enjoy the traffic light free driving (and just one roundabout!) as well as the novelty of allowing goats, cattle and even the odd monkey or chicken, right of way!

If superb cuisine and boutique chic are your thing, head to Relais & Châteaux member Montpelier Plantation.  If traditional plantation-style accommodation and atmosphere are what you seek, Nisbet Plantation is the place to go.  Or for a more modern resort feel there's Four Seasons Nevis, complete with 18 hole golf course, spa and kids' club.  That's another beauty of Nevis; distinctly different hotels, each the perfect getaway for someone seeking a taste of life in the slow lane.

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