Flight on the A380


There are planes, and then there is the A380, although it’s been operational with Emirates from Manchester for three years it still manages to turn heads, especially as it glides down the runway and gracefully takes to the sky!

The first thing you notice, even from a distance, is that it’s enormous, at a height the same as four double decker buses, all other aircraft simply pale into insignificance!

As one of six ITC staff who enjoyed a privilege trip with Emirates to witness their slick Manchester operation, we were able to get up close and personal with this icon of the skies and enjoy behind the scenes sights that only airport and airline personnel normally enjoy. For us, it was an absolute treat and we all agreed that a trip to the airport will never be the same again.

As the A380 received its overhaul between flights, whilst cleaning staff and technicians polished it to perfection, we were guided through the plane, first to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over its spacious Economy section, that takes over the whole bottom deck. Trying out it seats wth their cup holders that mean you won’t spill a drop of your complimentary drink, even in turbulence and playing on the I.C.E entertainment system that even allows you to play computer games with and send messages to fellow passenger, as well as watch views from outside the plane for a real birds eye view. We also now know the best seats to choose and can’t wait to let our clients know!

Then we all raced up the stairs, eager to take our first glimpse of its bar and all agreed it would be worth the upgrade charge to Business Class, just to be able to take a seat, safely buckled in one of the sofa seats in this area! Of course retreating back to your enormous flat bed in Business would be another reason to upgrade. There are seats in this area that are perfect for couples and we loved the extra special touches like the fresh flowers in the cabin.

However, it was when we stepped into Fist Class that we really got excited. If you want exceptional privacy, short of taking your own private plane, then this is the way to travel. After take off you can press a button and be cocooned in your own private area with gender specific amenities, a writing desk and myriad of gadgets. For those who want to freshen up there are two showers on board, both come with under-floor heating a TV screen, hair dryers and room enough for two!

The Emirates Lounge was the final treat in-store for the ITC team, with Rolex clocks adorning its walls and a menu of delectable hot and cold dishes to choose from, along with champagne and every other conceivable drink on tap, it’s no surprise that its guest book is a gushing testament to its greatness.

The one thing we all agreed was the tour proved just how slick Emirates are, and we were left in no doubt why it’s now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, that since its inception in 1985 has won more than 400 well deserved international awards for excellence!

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