The Italian Island of Capri

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They say you haven't seen Capri until you've seen it from the sea - and I have to agree. Approaching the island on the Hydrofoil is a unique experience - edging closer towards this charming, quaint, idyllic island you are mesmerised by its beauty.

Located in the located in the Gulf of Naples, this stunning island has a population of just 15,000 with 8,000 living in the town of Capri and a further 7,000 in Anacapri, the area located high on the hills to the west. In the latter half of the 19th century, Capri became a popular resort for European artists, writers and other celebrities; its popularity continues today and having been I can understand why. 

In Capri the quaint streets come alive with a welcoming atmosphere and are lined with designer boutiques and local restaurants - here you'll discover the unique blend of history, nature & culture that brings the 'Legend of Capri' to life. Heading inland and as you climb higher you'll reach AnaCapri, home to the famous Capri Palace Hotel overlooking the Isle of Ischia, this ancient Neapolitan palace is simply stunning, don't miss dining in its elegant Two Michelin Star Restaurant. 

When in AnaCapri take the 'chair lift', it's a great experience that gives you the most unforgettable views and elevates you to the highest point of the island with 360 degree views! If heights aren't your thing, then climb aboard one of the little wooden rowing boats and lie back while the sailor steers you through the narrow caves of the blue grotto's - one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island. Entering into this magical blue world is an experience that you'll never forget.

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