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This Sunday Stephen Bleach wrote a great article in the Sunday Times that reminded me of a wonderful holiday I once took with my husband to the Italian city of Venice; a place where waterways act like streets and boats are more accessible than vehicles with wheels.

I loved his article as it highlighted what I believe is one of the best ways of escaping the crowds and enjoying the city from its best vantage point - on its canals by canoe! Having stayed at the decadent Orient Express Hotel Cipriani, which has some of the best views of the lagoon and Doge's Palace, I remember the concierge being able to offer a tour by Kayak.

Arranged with Venice Kayak, the Hotel Cipriani tours are the greatest way to actively explore Venice's lagoon and offers guests a truly novel way to view the palaces on the Grand Canal, up close and very personal with the ability to also explore canals inaccessible to pedestrians. Gliding through the canal city, you'll feel like a local; discover tiny islands, forgotten monasteries and get a close up of the local wildlife, and just think, with all those calories burnt off from paddling that gelato will seem all the more delicious!

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