Beautifully Misunderstood Beirut

Image for Sarah Roberts Sarah Roberts
Head of Sales

I travelled to Beirut with an open mind, no preconceptions and with excitement about discovering a new, year round city break. Yes, I won't deny that I was checking the FCO website for advice and guidance but unless I wanted to travel 2 hours to the Syrian border and place myself in a 'no go' zone then I felt I would be just dandy.

Beirut has everything, Roman baths, French architecture, roof-top pools and bars, fabulous cobbled streets lined with coffee shops, bars and restaurants, building depicting evidence of wars gone by lined next to glistening 21st century residential apartments and the shops….what can I say…..I've never seen such a concentrated area of designer shops in my entire life…Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Cartier, Christian Louboutain, Marc Jacobs, Rolex, Fendi everything you could possibly wish for, all next to one another housed in carefully restored historical buildings - now known as the Beirut Souks. A 2 hour walk along the promenade up to Pidgeon Rocks delivers a wide cross section of Beirut life so be sure to take your camera.

Did you know...
- Lebanon has over 200 vineyards?
- Al year round destination?
- Between end of December and April you can ski in the mountains surrounding Beirut?
- Lebanon is predominantly Catholic?
- Hasn't been at war since 2006?
- Was a French colony, where students learn French as their 2nd language?
- Is situation 10 minutes from the airport?

How right I was to follow my instincts! Now I feel part of the lucky few who have brushed the history behind them and ventured, to what I can only describe as a beautifully misunderstood city.

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