Southern Nights - Under the Rainbow

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Travel Specialist

With the Northern Lights currently being the talk of the travel industry, why not try something completely different and equally spectacular by enjoying Southern Nights and a Lunar Rainbow. Exclusive to guests of Hotel das Cataratas, Brazil this unique activity takes place during Full Moon conditions and allows guests to witness a sight rarely seen by most in their lifetimes - the Lunar Rainbow. Lead by the hotels resident biologist, Wilson Fernandes, this tour lasts for about 90 minutes. This hotels spectacular location by the dramatic Iguassu Falls allows guest to witness this rainbow by moonlight, above one of the world's most stunning natural spectacles. Day or night this hotels location is a true marvel, engulfed in tropical forests that enfold to the thundering waters of the Iguassu Falls. A paradise for wildlife and one of nature's most awesome sights it's all the more magical for the rich ecosystem of exotic animals, birds and plants that surrounds it. This Orient Express property has to be on any intrepid travellers wish list!

8 day tour of Brazil from £3,480 per person.

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