Get away from it all in Petit St Vincent Resort

Image for Kailey Jones Kailey Jones
Account Manager Chairman’s Club

To 'get away from it all' is a clichéd phrase, but sometimes we all need a little bit of "me time".

The Internet, Blackberries, and ipads mean that the everyday life is never more than a click away. After years of striving for the ultimate in hi-tech communications we now hanker after a week's peace, away from the trappings of everyday life.

The latest luxury trend is the, so-called, 'black hole resorts' which invite you to escape it all and spend a week in the delightfully unconnected surroundings of some of the world's finest resorts.

Petit St Vincent Resort in the Grenadines is, arguably, one of the finest. This Caribbean gem ensures total technological solitude; the cottages have no TV, phones or Internet! Leaving it all behind has never been so easy!

After a week or two of seclusion in one of the world's finest hideaways you will undoubtedly be refreshed and ready to return to the real world!

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