A city break in Rome

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Over the years the Eternal City of Rome has been described as a wonderful location for a city break in either the spring or the autumn. This bustling metropolis has always been dismissed as being too hot and "touristy" in the summer and as a destination to be avoided at all costs in July and August. However in recent times, opinion seems to have shifted slightly, with many articles recommending the hot days and balmy evenings as the perfect environment to experience many of the attractions that the capital has to offer.

Indeed Tom Bradby's article in the weekend's Telegraph has reinforced my belief that an Italian adventure is well worth experiencing during the summer months. The blue skies, unique to this part of the Mediterranean, provide an omnipresent backdrop to the stunning Italian panoramas and when night falls there are always a variety of concerts and festivals throughout all the major cities. With regard to the Eternal City, there are annual performances at the Baths of Caracalla, which have been used since the 2nd century as a stunning setting for open-air operas.

With the ever-present architectural delights of the Coliseum, Pantheon and Vatican City on the doorstep, Rome is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience throughout the summer. ITC Classics features the Hotel de Russie and the St Regis Grand Hotel which both offer opulent and relaxing accommodation in the heart of the city within reach of all the sights and the impressive Piazza Navona which is perfect for a refreshing 'gelato'.

If you're having difficulties choosing a summer break this year, why not combine the magic of Venice or Florence with the style of Portofino and conclude with a Roman weekend to create the ultimate Italian escape.

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