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Why stay in one place when there's a whole world out there to explore? Taking a touring holiday can be the best way to truly experience a country or two. However, there are many pitfalls when putting your itinerary together yourself, which is where we come in. Here are some of our top tips in making a good touring holiday a really great one!

Our hints, tips and suggestions for finding the perfect tour:

1) Be realistic about how much you can do and see within the time you have available.
If you try to cram in too much you'll feel as though you're on an endurance course rather than a holiday. Remember that you don't have to be on the go every moment, sometimes its ok to just sit and watch the world go by and experience the culture of the country your visiting.

2) Choose your time of year to travel in relation to what you would like to do and see.
This is where we can help, we know when to go and what you'll do when your there. For example if you take a safari in Africa their dry season from May to August is best for game viewing because there's little vegetation and animals utilise the water holes much more.

3) Make the journey a positive experience.
You'll spend a long time on a plane getting to somewhere like New Zealand, so think about including a stopover in Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai to name just three of many options.  If you can, upgrade your flights to premium cabin travel; when spending a long time in the air the comfort provided by flat beds is the best way to start your holiday, especially as airlines continue to raise the bar in terms of luxury and service.  

4) Use the expertise of a travel specialist - it's why we're here.
Arranging a holiday in which you move from one place to another every few days is a time-consuming and fiddly business and it's getting the little things right that will make the difference between a good holiday and a truly amazing one.  One classic example is flight arrival times and hotel check-in times; if you're arriving at 6am after flying through the night you will regret it if your accommodation hasn't been pre-booked from the night before - don't rely on a mere request for early check-in because you won't be the only person arriving at a similar hour and the hotel will also have had numerous requests for 'late check-out' from in-house guests whose onward flights don't depart until the evening.  

Where to begin?
Visit the Holiday Types section of our website where you will find a taster of the vast range of touring experiences available from Volutourism tours to Solo Travellers tours, all of these sections provide you with ideas of what there is to see and do and an idea of how a touring itinerary for each country might look, or if there are Hosted Tours departing on certain dates a full itinerary and prices are available.

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