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Fun for all the family? Surely not - isn't there always at least one who's bored, tired or just plain pernickety? Well, prepare to be amazed - our top 5 luxury family holidays really do offer fun for all the family, even the tricky ones!

Its a while off for Family Heywood but one for the list when Tia is a little older is a Twin Centre Holiday, the perfect choice if you all have different needs, Mum needs a spa retreat, dad wants a golfing holiday (and nothing else) and the Children well who knows as this can change hour by hour but a good choice of activities should keep them happy.  However, if you have no fear there is nothing to stop you taking a twin centre holiday with little ones as it does offer the advantage of breaking up long distance journeys.  And if neither of these reasons are enough to motivate you, then just think, you could experience two countries in one holiday: the perfect way to tick off the "been there, done that" list.  Destinations to mix include Dubai and Mauritius or why not try two Caribbean islands or a Caribbean destination with Florida and a trip to Disney!

Europe and its short flight times make it perfect for luxury family holidays, proving not all holidays have to take you thousands of miles away to guarantee cultural experiences, breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches.  And with hotels in the offering such as Abama in Tenerife, Anassa in Cyprus and Amirandes in Crete you certainly don't have less luxury

For diversity and almost guaranteed sunshine the Middle East is perfect for families wishing to travel a little further. From the magic of Dubai to the timeless beauty of Oman, the Middle East really has something to offer every family and with a range of new product in Abu Dhabi there never has been a better time to visit

Those that have not yet experienced the Caribbean could be forgiven for assuming the area and its islands are the same throughout. True, the turquoise blue seas mirror the endless blue skies, but these seas and islands are as varied as the countries of Europe - to visit one is by no means to visit them all.  With the diversity that both the Caribbean and Mexico has to offer, there is something here for every member of the family, from perfect beaches to energetic adventures to be had.

Finally Mauritius - last in our list but by no means least!  What's unique about this tropical island is that it offers much more than just sun, sea and sand. You can plan a few active days to include mountain climbing and trekking through tropical forests. Gentle and educational pursuits are plentiful too with one of the world's oldest Botanical Gardens at Pamplemousses and l'Aventure du sucre which translates to 'discover the sugar island.' A Mynah Bird and a Mongoose are two mascots for the children, making their tour entertaining and educational. Whatever you do you'll discover an island that's well versed in creating luxury family holidays.

With some good advise and some careful planning successful family holidays are possible!  Family Heywood are living proof.

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