Something New - For a Feel Good Forray, Greece is the Word

Image for Jackie Sampson Jackie Sampson
Platinum Account Manager

Elounda Bay Palace Hotel in Crete, Greece has just launch a new "Feel Good" concept, which involves a range of many new leisure interests and well-being recreation pursuits being introduced at the hotel with guests having the opportunity to participate in the extensive programme of activities that the 'Feel Good' concept is popular for, including OrientaTes, a harmonious combination of eastern dance; Pilates, relaxation and meditation; Tai Chi - an internal Chine martial art practiced for both its defence training and its health benefits; Shiatsu - Japanese for "finger pressure;" a type of alternative medicine consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques and Aerobic & Waterobic classes for the promotion of good health & well being.

In addition to the hotel's Water Sports and Dive Centre, an extensive animation programme, combined with championship competitions, highlight the sense of action and pleasure. Of course if physical exertion is not your idea of a holiday, there's always the option of chilling by the pool or lazing the day away on one of the hotel's sandy beaches. I'm also really excited about the introduction of Show Cooking, where chefs will perform the ritual of preparing and serving dishes in the presence of the guests. In addition there will be a themed specialty restaurant, an evening playground for dancing, party games and more.

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