Amazing Arabia - Amman

Image for Sharon Williams Sharon Williams
Travel Specialist

Gail Simmons article in this weekends Sunday Telegraph, Discover travel supplement caught my attention as it was entitled 'an essential cultural guide to one of the Middle East's liveliest, least visited - and safest - cities' and was a brilliant article about a city from which I've only recently returned, Amman, the bustling capital of Jordan.

I agree with Gail, it's a marvellous, under discovered city and my top tip for travellers searching for a safe taste of the Middle East that offers a great mixture of ancient and modern. Its one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and I was surprised to find trendy ultra modern boutiques, restaurants and hotels sitting happily alongside the cities ancient buildings. This city is brimming with cultural experience and a strong heritage. I also agree with Gails comment that the downtown area a great place to discover the cities artisan culture, the oldest part of the city here you will find everything from fabulous jewellery to everyday household items sold here.

A great city and an exceptional country.

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