The Kingdom of Bhutan

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I've just returned from a country unlike any other; known as `the land of the Thunder Dragon', the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan, located high in the Himalayas is said to be the most peaceful nation on earth and it certainly soothed my soul.

With a population of less than 700,000, it's true to say people here are the happiest people I have ever encountered. It also has to be said that this is a beguiling land that will have you hooked from the second you arrive, its awesome landscape will transfix you and its happy, kind and beautiful people will touch your heart.

I was fortunate enough to have spent eight amazing days in this inspirational country staying at all five of Amankora'ssensational lodges. Owned by the Amanresorts group Amankora's lodges have all been created to provide unique accommodation, sympathetically balanced with their environment.

Amanresorts has been accorded a great privilege in being the first foreign company allowed to open a series of properties throughout different regions of Bhutan. When travelling to a place like Bhutan, a hotel group like Amankora make things so much easier, treating you like family and making your stay one you will cherish forever.

My incredible journey began and ended at Paro, taking the form of a circular pilgrimage through this enchanting land. Bhutan is one of the most isolated nations in the world, its landlocked location between India and China has ensured that very few westerner pass though, a fact that made my trip all the more special.

Due to Buddhist belief, adhered to since the 7th century, the co-existence of nature and nurture has resulted in a unique eco-system and a thriving medley of different peoples all linked by a common belief system that regards all life forms as sacred. Buddhism is prevalent everywhere and its hard to not come away from this trip of a lifetime both enlightened and a little humbled by this incredible land.

Bhutan is my top tip and its one of those places I'd advise you to do sooner rather than later, before the tourist masses start flocking!

Marie Sheldrick, Chairman's Club Account Manager

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