Classic Comment - Australia

Image for Kailey Jones Kailey Jones
Account Manager Chairman’s Club

Fiona Phillips article on Australia in the Mail On Sunday this weekend certainly brought back some memories for me, especially her comments on Melbourne. I really loved this city and agree that it's a 'vibrant and cosmopolitan city'. When I visited it was hosting the Formula One with the Melbourne Grand Prix in full swing, which to my mind simply enhanced this city's appeal and strong sporting heritage.

Reading this article made me want to go back down under and it made me conscious that I still have so many sites still to explore, including The Great Barrier Reef. One thing I didn't agree with however was her sentiment that this is a country that can be seen or visited in only 5 days. My experience was that jet-lag took its toll for the first few days of my stay, so I would recommend either breaking up the journey, possibly adding on a few days in Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong or at least two weeks in Australia, as it's a long flight time to get there and a vast country to explore. The longer you have the more you'll discover!

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