Summer Travel is Still on Sale!

Image for Olga Fahey Olga Fahey
Head of Operations

As the summer school holidays begin I know many people who still haven't booked a holiday and so in the light of this I found Nick Trend's 'Trend On Travel' article in the weekends Saturday Times particularly informative and I'd like to add a couple of other suggestions to his reasons to travel this August. If you are tempted by the Caribbean then don't forget that on Saint Lucia in August have the 'Market Vendors' Feast' a religious service followed by a food festival and in Malaysia the 'Sarawak Regatta' with its boat-racing events, including Chinese dragon boats is a great cultural spectacle.

Summer travel was also a hot topic in the weekends Mail on Sunday with the self proclaimed crafty traveller Fred Mawer declaring 'Don't panic! The summer is still for sale' and I have to agree with him, as this summer there are still some great bargains to be found. To find out more call one of our Travel Specialists or if you are searching for savings on summer travel see our Summer Experiences section on our website this is not only packed full of great offers but plenty of hints, tips and suggestions too!

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