Fabulous Fairmont Royal Pavilion

Image for Joanne Robinson Joanne Robinson
Travel Specialist

It's always a treat to return to an old favourite such as Fairmont Royal Pavilion in Barbados but never more so when that old favourite has something fabulous and new to show off!

In this case, it was the transformation of the ground floor rooms into stunning Beachfront Junior Suites.

You know how it is, you see the pictures and think you understand, but as with so many things in life the camera can't generate the wow factor that you get from being there in person. Fresh and modern but still with that traditional Fairmont Royal Pavilion touch of class, there's a fantastic sense of space as you pass from bed, to living area and through the doors to your private deck.

Another great touch is the butler service, particularly when your butler brings you delicious pre-dinner canapes!

Of course it's the things that haven't changed that have gone so far to making this a much loved resort for so many ITC Classics clients over the years.

First and foremost, you can't beat the beach here; it really is one of the best on the much vaunted West Coast of Barbados whether you want to walk, relax, or just gaze across it and out to sea.

I chose the latter, sitting on my deck, watching the sun flare brilliant orange before slipping quickly into the sea; if you've been fortunate enough to witness a sunset in Barbados you'll understand when I say it's something I could never tire of seeing.

Dinner in the Palm Terrace, listening to the waves breaking gently onto the shore just feet away and enjoying the evening's top notch musical entertainment, has always been a highlight of staying here and, yet again, the cuisine more than lived up to its superb setting.

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