Sleep Under the Stars in St Lucia

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On some occasions when a hotel names its accommodation by something other than a variation on the theme of "Room" or "Suite" it can seem a little forced and even (whisper it softly) pretentious. As soon as I stepped across the threshold of my "Sanctuary" at Jade Mountain though, I understood why the designation "Room" or "Suite" simply wouldn't do here.

Surely no accommodation could have been more aptly named; Star, Moon, Sun and Galaxy are the celestially-minded categories of Sanctuary and you're sure to feel a step closer to heaven during a stay in one of them. Firstly, their sheer size and stylish design are to be relished and secondly, your lofty position high on the mountainside with vistas combining the commanding twin peaks of the Pitons with the contrasting blues of sea and sky is a real showstopper.

It was amazing how quickly I adjusted to having an infinity-edged pool as part and parcel of my living environment and a view unencumbered on the fourth side by irritating detail such as windows and walls. Of course it's that breath-stealing view that the concept hinges upon; an open-sided room with a less dramatic scene to gaze upon would smack of mere folly for folly's sake but at Jade Mountain it's the perfect design.

I'm told that many guests barely leave their Sanctuary during a stay here and I can well believe it; why would you? With a comprehensive menu of delicious cuisine available at all hours and in room spa treatments on offer too, there's no real incentive to do anything other than enjoy the comforts of your Sanctuary and the glories of the view, preferably in the company of the one you love.

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