Relax in luxury at East Winds Inn!

Image for Olga Fahey Olga Fahey
Head of Operations

An evening in the beachfront restaurant at East Winds Inn, St Lucia is a slice of pure Caribbean heaven. As I'm sitting at my desk back in Chester I can cast my mind back and remember being cooled by gentle ocean breezes, listening to the strains of a lilting calypso from local musicians combining with the gentle lapping of the waves on the sandy shore. Adding to the scene was the view looking out over the beach, through swaying palms to the twinkling lights on the far side of the bay - it really did make me feel as though I was having a "Robinson Crusoe moment"!

This is the Caribbean holiday experience as nature intended, the one enjoyed by so many before "progress" intervened and beloved today by those in the know. So many guests return to East Winds Inn year after year to recharge their batteries and cast off the cares of everyday living. It's one of those places that you really want to tell your friends and family about - only not too many of them because if they find out the secret they're all want to come too and it's nice to think if it as "your" special place!

Of course modern technology has its place here too but it blends perfectly with the traditional, so of course you can choose a room with air-conditioning but for the real East Winds Inn experience, I'd urge you to switch it off, throw back the wooden shutters and let Mother Nature cool you herself.

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