Classic Comment - Top Tips for Travel to Sydney

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I became an instant devotee of Sydney when I travelled to Ausutralia for the first time last year; it's just that kind of city! I was lucky enough to be visiting the city with ITC Sports, watching the Ashes with our tour hosts Michael Vaughan and Gladstone Small, soaking up the excitement during the first Test Match.

From landmark architecture - no need to name them, you know the twin icons I'm thinking of - to sparkling waters and sun drenched beaches, this is one hot city with supermodel looks to match.

I was captivated by The Sunday Telegraph's article ` Sydney Top travels tips for Telegraph readers by Telegraph readers and I'd like to add to the brilliant hits and tips shared.

Sydney is young and vivacious, a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives, and with the current economic downturn many airlines are offering some great deals, making it the perfect time to pack your bags and head down under.

Sydney itself offers a warm and alluring treat to travellers year round but is best sampled during the UK's winter, the antipodean summer, when evenings are longer and the beaches even more inviting. When there, head to Circular Quay and hop on a ferry to Manley; not only will you get great photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House but you might even spot some wildlife, or those illusive celebrities like Nicole Kidman, who have homes around the shores. At night there's a huge amount to see and do but my top tip is an area called The Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney and home to a collection of restaurants and bars that are packed to the rafters with character and history.

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