Classic Comment - Bali

Image for Claire Pennington Claire Pennington
Business Manager

For those of you who didn't get to catch this weekend's Sunday Telegraph article "Bali A selection of travel tips for Telegraph Readers by Telegraph readers.' you missed a treat. To summarise, the usual cultural with a capital 'C' experiences were mentioned, the arty village of Ubud, the islands stunning paddy fields along with some more interesting facts. Including advice such as not to go walking in the nutmeg forests without a handful of treats to appease inquisitive monkeys, and for fans of the book and film Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, the fact that Ketut Liyer the holy man is real and still lives on the island!

For me, it was great to see so many travellers enthusiastic about an island that I love and my advice to add to that of the Telegraph readers, is to tour the island and experience it in all of its' multifaceted glory, by staying at few different hotels throughout Bali. Beach, jungle, temples and volcanoes - there is plenty to see and do and this is a great way to make sure you get your stay right.

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