With a hugely accepted following among A-list celebrities and indeed the wider public in the UK, yoga and Pilates retreats, both home and abroad, have grown in popularity in recent years. Both movement therapies have a strong mind and body link to them, are suitable for those of any age and will increase muscle strength and flexibility.

The origins of yoga are in India where some 2,000 years ago the physical, mental and spiritual practice was developed to attain a state of peace and tranquility. It has often been associated with improving lower back pain while the meditative aspect can do much to ease the mind.

Pilates is a newer routine – developed by Joseph Pilates in New York in the early twentieth century. Joseph believed in an intrinsic link between mental and physical health and that balanced exercise could often remedy illness. Although it was originally seen as a recovery method for injured dancers it soon became apparent that the benefits of Pilates were far wider reaching. The ITC Luxury Travel yoga and Pilates destinations offer a wealth of different programmes and disciplines – so whether you’re new to the practice or an old hand looking to hone your skills – we’ve got the retreat to suit.

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