The fuel we put into our bodies is vital for our overall health. Those who know how important diet is to their personal wellbeing will thoroughly enjoy any of our nutrition-conscious escapes which can teach new skills.

A holiday concentrating on diet is an ideal time to assess how you’re eating, any changes you need to make and any bad habits you need to get out of. Education is the key to improving your eating habits and our selection of hotels can provide you with just that.

Your time away may also be the ideal opportunity to kick-start a programme of weight management, with many spas and hotels suggesting low-calorie meal ideas and recipes to take home with you afterwards.

Some of our luxury resorts are so aux fait with dietary necessities that they’ve created their own healthy eating plans, with the SHA Wellness Clinic actually being founded on nutritional principles. The clinic was started due to the personal experience of its owner, who suffered serious digestive trouble and recovered through a macrobiotic diet and natural therapies. Food at SHA is therefore totally macrobiotic – using seasonal and unaltered produce such as cereals, oats and soy foods.

The ParkHotel Igls takes a different approach; using a catering method that is designed for your own individual needs. The Modern Mayr Cuisine philosophy is a merging of natural eating enjoyment and culinary common sense and during your entry examination to ParkHotel the nutritional level for your therapy will be discussed and determined with your doctor.

Select your preferred hotel for dedicated Nutrition & Weight Management packages and prices. 

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