Sarah Roberts

About Me

I never dreamed I would wake up day after day, year after year, loving my job as much as I do. Working in travel has opened my eyes to so many beautiful places around the world, collecting stamps and visas everywhere I go.

I may have only been in travel for seven years but what a seven years they have been! Starting in our sports department, I then moved over to manage our high-street travel agency, Deva Travel, for three years. Two years ago I moved back to HQ in the capacity of Head of Sales, responsible for our luxury travel brand, Chairman’s Club, our team of Business Managers, as well as for Deva Travel.

Favourite Places

My favourite place has got to be New York; I recently got engaged in Central Park which has made this vibrant city even more special to me. Iceland, India, Italy, Bali, Vietnam and Cambodia quickly follow in my top 10 destinations. My plan for the next couple of years is to focus travelling around Europe, particularly Italy as I’m in love with their food and wine!

Every time I travel I strive to find 'that shot’ which will capture how I am feeling at that very moment in time. I was moved to tears in New York purely because of how magical Central Park looked caked in snow, I felt euphoric in Cambodia whilst sitting at the top of Angkor Wat at sunrise (before the official opening hours for tourists!) and I was literally touched by a thunderous electrical storm in Kerala.

Travel Tips

  • Citronella oil works wonders to discourage pesky mosquitoes.
  • When exploring cities don't forget to look up - sometimes fabulous building or daily life goes on higher than eye level.
  • Take time to sit in an outdoor café and people watch, if its cold wrap up warm and watch local life pass you by.

Where have you travelled to either on holiday or business?

New York City Vietnam Cambodia Laos
Morocco India Malaysia Barbados
Grenada Singapore Thailand Hong Kong
Bali Australia Dubai La Gomera
India Chicago Iceland Cuba
Lebanon Bulgaria Greece Portugal