Olga Fahey

About me

Travel is one of the most exciting and significant parts of my life and I've been in the industry for a quarter of a century now, so I really must love it! As a young girl I collected dolls from all the countries my father travelled to and I vowed I would get to all of them one day- although I have travelled extensively, I have not completely ticked them all off yet, but I have passport, will travel!!!

I am passionate about service- everyone deserves to have a trip of a lifetime and know they are in safe hands, having been at ITC for over 3 years I know you will be safe with us.   

Favourite places

How to choose? For a touring holiday I loved Australia, you cannot just go and stay in one place, hire a car and take to the road, plan your trip and choose hotels along the way, it's the only way to see the country and enjoy luxury. For beach and relaxation, there is no where like Mauritius, crystal blue ocean, white sandy beaches and first class service, you can certainly relax and re-charge the batteries in style.

Travel Tips

  • Always take a swim suit, sun shoes and shorts in your carry on luggage- you cannot always check into your room on arrival but can certainly go for that refreshing swim and cocktail by the pool.
  • Don't forget your charger, technology has taken over and you don't want your phone, kindle and / ipad switching off just because you are
  • If you take medication take a supply in your carry on luggage in case there are delays with luggage delivery

Where have you travelled to either on holidays or business?

St Lucia Mauritius Barbados Cyprus
France Spain Portugal Egypt
Thailand Australia New Zealand North America
South Africa Dubai Greece