Sue Brooks

About Me

From the age of 15 and the youth club trip to Spain I knew there was always more of the world to see and did not stop from there really. My career in travel just happened to crop up with a friends recommendation it seemed like the perfect job.  Before joining ITC, I liked to back pack and explore off the beaten track destinations, however, now I have experienced 5* luxury my tastes have changed slightly!!

One of my biggest achievements is travelling through India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia on £5 per day and also driving across Australia form Perth to Sydney on £20 per day in a 20 year old estate car!

Favourite Places

It has to be Nepal for the scenery, friendly locals and the fact that they are so unmaterialistic and appear so content and happy even with so little.

Having specialised in the Caribbean for so long, I feel  disloyal not to include the beautiful collection of Caribbean islands within my 'favourite places'. Each island has its own personality and style so depending on what you are looking for, there is an island to suit your needs.

Travel Tips

  • Enjoy meeting local people and take time to understand their culture
  • Try island hopping around the Caribbean

Where have you travelled to either on business or on holiday?

Barbados Antigua St Lucia Grenada
Mexico Bermuda Anguilla St Kitts
Nevis St Barths Grenadines Jamaica
Turks & Caicos   British Virgin Islands  



"I call you Super Sue!  Thanks very much for arranging the 3-centre plus cricket tickets. It was a tricky one to book, but Super Sue makes booking with ITC Luxury Travel a real pleasure."

Lori Reid, Travelwise