Spencer Thomas

About me

It’s the philosophy of ‘two things’ which has cemented my career in travel for the past 12 years:

“If it makes you happy – do it; if it doesn’t – then don’t.” 

I love to travel, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people and that’s the reason I feel incredibly privileged to work in this industry.

Favourite Places 

The diverse nature of the Indian Ocean captivates everything I love about travel. From mountainous backdrops in Mauritius to the clear, rich waters of the Maldives. Seychelles combines both of these aspects and favourably less commercial. Meanwhile the rustic nature of Sri Lanka and the humble personalities of its people make this country a spectacular destination.

Top Three Tips 

1. Be adventurous. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”. You’ve arrived at your destination. Now go explore it!

Book those trips and excursions and you’ll be all the richer for it. 

2. Be cautious when referring to Google maps. Hotels and places of interest may not necessarily be located as stated. Referring to local knowledge is best advised. 

3. Be open minded. When consulting Trip Advisor, do so with an open mind. Too many people refer to third party testimonials and build their holiday plans on advice from somebody they’ve never met or spoken to. If you have a negative notion of a destination – chances are you’ll find it. If you’re none the wiser – you won’t go looking for it. 

Places Visited

Spain France Italy Crete
Germany Czech Republic Australia Thailand
Malaysia Mauritius Maldives Seychelles
Sri Lanka U.A.E Jordan Egypt
Barbados Bangkok Malaysia Crete
Portugal St Lucia U.S.A South Africa
Prague Dubai    

Contact Details

Email: spencerthomas@itc-uk.com