Marion Cadman

About me

My love for travel started when I was 17 on my first trip overseas to Majorca, it was what I would describe as a light bulb moment  and I knew I wanted to see the World. I spent most of my 20's overseas and  worked  for Qantas in Australia and backpacked throughout South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island, Canada and Central/South America. During this period I soaked up as many life experiences as I could including cookery lessons in  Thailand,  living with local families to learn Spanish in Guatemala and learning to sail in New Zealand.

I hung up my backpack and returned to the UK to work in the luxury side of the travel industry and have travelled extensively on business and pleasure throughout the Caribbean, USA, South America, Africa, Indian Ocean, India, Asia and Australasia.  I still love the thrill of travelling to a new country and destination and experiencing a different culture.  On my last count I had visited 75 countries but still have many more on my list!  However, I now enjoy  luxury travel  experiences  and have gathered insider's  tips and contacts to open doors and obtain exclusivity that are priceless - all of which I enjoy sharing to heighten my clients' s travel experiences.

I learned to scuba dive in Honduras many years ago and have been lucky enough to dive in many places around the World since including the mighty Great Barrier Reef in Australiaand  the Red Sea in Egypt.  The adventurous side of me is still  going strong and I love the great outdoors and hiking/walking is another passion of mine and another proud moment was reaching the summit of  Mt Kilimanjaro in 2009…..always on the look out for my next adventure, which this time is closer to home when I'll be running the  London Marathon in April 2013 raising money for the fabulous charity Macmillan Cancer.

I am very much in to health and fitness, yoga and holistic therapies and 'm extremely knowledgable and have first hand experience of many  word class spa and health retreats, a personal favourite has to be ChivaSom in Thailand.
Favourite Places

There are so many to mention and it's so hard to choose... 
Africa has to get a mention, going on safari in South Africa and Botswana, the thrill of not knowing what you will come across next, the amazing stars and bluest sky. Sossusvlei Sand Dunes in Namibia - such a beautiful sight.

The first sight of Machu Picchu in Peru is absolutely  breathtaking. Having lunch in a watch tower on the Great Wall in China, and Bali because of it's wonderful people an mystery.