Helen Mavin

About me

My passion for travel began at an early age when at just eight years old we had a family holiday to the south of France and stayed in a luxury 5-star hotel – I was hooked.

I’ve travelled extensively since then; in my teens I lived in Spain for a couple of years and in my twenties I holidayed mainly in Europe. Then one day I went to the Indian Ocean and fell in love…

Over the years friends and family would ask for holiday advice and recommendations which I loved doing so much that I changed careers and joined the travel industry. Luxury and service are my main criteria and whilst I enjoy seeing the culture of the destinations I visit I’m more of a fly and flop specialist - to me the most important part of my holiday is the hotel and its service.

I work from home in Buckinghamshire as a Business Manager for ITC Luxury Travel and I am available to my clients both during the day and in the evenings and weekends to discuss their requirements and ensure every detail of their holiday is taken care of. If I can’t go on holiday then the next best thing is sending someone else to enjoy where I’ve been!

Favourite Places

The Maldives is paradise to me, it’s more beautiful than brochures can depict and the snorkelling is amazing.  A little closer to home I love Oman, especially the seclusion of Six Senses Zighy Bay.

Travel Tip

Arrange for a taxi or limo to take you from home to the airport, it starts your holiday from the moment you leave plus when you fly back it’s lovely not to have to drive home after a long haul flight.

Places Visited

Abu Dhabi
South Africa
Europe: France, Spain, Majorca, Lanzarote, Portugal, Crete, Zante, Cyprus, Rome

Contact me on helenmavin@itc-uk.com

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