Elizabeth Powell

About me

I didn't start to travel until I was 16, and then caught the bug with a passion. Every last penny was saved to travel to different places. I entered into the travel industry quite by chance 20 years ago, and have never looked back. I now combine my travels with Formula One events and my wish list is to go to every event on the calendar. Next on my wish list is Australia! 

Favourite places

For me, I love to get into the local life and discover what the country/ area has to offer. City Breaks are probably my favourite type of holiday from New York to the more sedate life of Florence.

Italy as a country is my favourite and there is so much more for me to see, the AmalfiCoast has some breathtaking views.

Travel Tips

  • Leave an itinerary of your travels at home with your loved ones. It makes it so much easier if they need to get hold of you.
  • Pre-book as much as you can prior to your travels. This can save time and disappointment and can all be done through our concierge service.

Where have you travelled to either on holiday or on business?

St Lucia Mauritius Barbados Cyprus
France Spain Portugal Canada
Greece America Italy Maldives
Antigua St Vincents