The Americas Luxury Holidays

  1. Overview

From the vast unspoilt northern wilderness of Canada and Alaska, where snow-capped peaks, awe-inspiring glaciers and an astonishing assorted range of wildlife can be discovered, to its southern reaches of Brazil and Peru, rich in tradition, dramatic landscapes and intriguing ruins, luxury Americas holidays offer the discerning traveller a myriad of inspirational touring options.

Our personal experiences and insight have gone into bringing you the very best of The Americas, whether you're travelling as a family, a couple; to a city, a beach resort, or something else entirely.

If you love luxury, you're sure to find it with ITC Luxury Travel in The Americas; from funky short breaks in some of the most fashionable resorts and hotels, to family luxury favourites, through to south American adventures - and whether you're looking to relax, see the sights, hit the tables, shop (or dance)'til you drop, then we have it here.

  1. Alaska

    The allure of a luxury Alaska holiday is easy to understand; dramatic and immersed in natural beauty, abundant wildlife and a unique sense of space. T…

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  2. Argentina

    This South American country famous for tango, football, wine, beef and the Andes is a fantastic luxury touring destination for the adventurous travell…

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  3. Arizona

    For anyone who is looking for a side of adrenaline to accompany their sun kissed holiday then a luxury Arizona holiday could provide the perfect venue…

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  4. Brazil

    Brazil is a mesmerising nation and luxury Brazil holidays provide a cultural melting pot of established traditions throughout a kaleidoscope of contra…

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  5. California

    Luxury California holidays offer a variety of experiences from the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and Hollywood to the natural wilderness of Lake Ta…

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  6. Canada

    The world's second largest country hosts luxury Canada holidays, where outstanding natural beauty abounds at every turn from its awesome mountains, gr…

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  7. Florida

    Luxury Florida holidays offer an expansive spectrum of experiences to a hugely diverse audience. Stretching for 200 miles, the Florida Keys encompass …

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  8. Mexico

    This ancient land of the Maya and Aztec civilisations offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences to savour on a luxury Mexico holiday. Discover the…

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  9. Peru

    Luxury Peru holidays are unlike any other country escapes on earth. From the awe-inspiring lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, perched high in the A…

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  10. Uruguay

    There is much to enjoy on a luxury Uruguay holiday form its pristine beaches, to its atmospheric cities and of course the cuisine where you'll be trea…

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  11. USA City Holidays

    There are so very many reasons for us to love luxury USA Cities holidays and when you see our selection of iconic cities and their luxurious hotels, w…

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